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42W high power led Street lamp

42W high power led Street lamp
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Newest LED Light
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OSM-Q-005 L
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Mon, 02 Jan 2012 23:09:56 GMT

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42W High power led street lamp
2.Power:42W 3.Flux: 4200 LM


42W High Power led street lamp

42 W street lamp products parameters

1.input voltage: AC / 170-250 V
2.Light source power: 42 * 1 W
3.System power consumption: 47 W
4.Power factor: > 0.95
5.Related color temperature: 2500-10000 K
6.Adapt to temperature: 50 /-35 ℃
7.Protection level: IP65
8.Flux: 4200 LM
9.Longevity: > 50000 hours

10.The average illuminance / 6 m: > 20 Lux
11.The average illuminance / 9 m: > 14 Lux
12.Available irradiation range / 6 m: 10 * 24 m ²
13.Available irradiation range / 9 m: 12 * 30 m ²
14.Main material: aluminum alloy
15.Net weight: 6.1 kg
16.Packing 'true inch: 450 * 315 * 175 mm
17.Installation tube diameter: ¢61 mm

Product features:

1, Use the famous brand ,Taiwan cold light, monochromatic good, the light is downy, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, less consumption, high reliability, long service life (50000 hours), energy conservation and environmental protection.

2. lamp shell using aluminum alloy die-casting forming, in toughened glass and aluminum alloy enclosure on place USES high strength prevent ageing silica gel circle, can effective heat and waterproof, dustproof. Lamps and the ultraviolet radiation resistant surface corrosion treatment, and the overall lamps to IP66 standards.

3.The efficient light distribution technology, through the whole lens use light reflection refraction, diffraction and characteristics of light will be fully integrated, to reach the second time with light, expand the scope of lighting, improve the light source the luminous efficiency, brightness is common three to five times the sodium lamp.

4. no bad glare, and no stroboscopic. Eliminate the common street lamp bad glare caused by the dazzling, visual fatigue and viewing interference, improve the driving safety.

5.start without delay, the hope of brightness is normal, need not wait for, eliminate the traditional street lamp long time start-up process.

6. green environmental protection no pollution: do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, without any pollution to the environment.

7.With and solar energy combined with a perfect partner, give full play to the dc low voltage LED to work with the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic board and LED light source, combining for customers to achieve the best price and high reliability.

Delivery Time:

In accordance with customer requirements for design production, the conventional model for two to three days, unconventional model depends. prompt goods1-3 days, non-prompt goods10-20 days, if have big  quantity 20-40 days


1, used in city sub-road and small area roads and sidewalks lighting

2, used for landscape lamp, garden lamp lighting

3, used in solar and wind energy power supply lighting.

4, application in the mine, the ships, the machine tool, the lighting.

5, can be directly instead of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, sodium lamp, mercury lamp without replacing holder.